Premium Membership 

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Find your perfect match


Whether you’re into big, sweet and fluffy


Or small, dark, and extra cuddly




  • Unlimited Messaging + Connections

  • 24/7 Vet + Support Phone Lines

  • Search for Preferences with Filters


Why go Premium?

We run address checks on all premium members to ensure all communication on paw happens with real people. Our minimal annual membership keeps response rates between members high so you’re only messaging dog lovers who are actively looking to meet up.

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Will I get paid for playing with someone’s dog?
No - dog care doesn’t have to be a job, you can choose which dogs to spend time with and when you want.

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Why don’t we accept all applicants?
We reject applicants who don’t seem like their intentions are to spend time with dogs out of kindness.

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What is a “Welcome Walk?”
This is your first chance to get to know someone and their dog at a public park. Ask many questions and start building trust.

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