Why we started:

Spread the love of dogs.

We introduce neighbors to each other through a shared love of dogs. Owners don’t need to pay thousands for dog care when there are other owners and friendly people nearby who love spending time with their dog.

I’ll watch your dog, you watch mine!
— Patricia, Cookie's owner (paw member since 2017)

Good dogs befriend good people.

Socialization is crucial for all of us, but especially pups. Use paw to find a weekend walk buddy or if you need your own dog entertained a few extra times a month or during travel.

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Don’t have a dog?

Fill the dog-shaped hole in your heart by spending time with a neighbor’s dog who needs some extra love. If you miss having a dog around, then join today to meet a furry friend!

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The health benefits of dogs

We spoke with several therapy professionals and canine behaviouralists to understand how human-to-pet interaction is mutually beneficial. There is a growing body of research that shows spending time with pets regularly, even if not your own, is undeniably good for long-term physical and mental health.


Physical benefits

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Improves cardiovascular health

  • Encourages exercise and playfulness

Mental benefits

  • Reduce stress

  • Helps with depression

  • Lower feelings of anxiety


Trust + Safety

We take the safety of the dogs and people in our community very seriously. Our team verifies that everyone who signs up for paw is real and lives in the city they claim. We remove anyone from the platform who does not follow our code of conduct.


24/7 Support + vet lines

Our Support Team is always ready to help in case of an emergency. Professional advice is included to all members.

Only message real people

We verify everyones phones + optionally social media accounts. Soon we will allow for upload of a government ID.

Guides and Resources to help

For owners, it takes a lot to trust someone with your dog. That’s why we help ensure everyone follows proper dog care.


Save money, make friends!



Ashley (Layla) + Kevin

"We've made awesome dog and human friends on Paw. I've been wanting to travel more and having people to lean on to save on dog care has been the perfect arrangement."


Julie (Rocco) + Stacy (Luna)

"Taking new dogs out on walks and hikes has been great plus it helps socialize my own dog. I set pickup times that work for me and the other owner. Rocco adores his new friends!"


Alexandra (CharliE) + Sarah

"My dog, Charlie, loves the friends we've made on Paw. He gets so excited whenever he sees them! I know they also really enjoy spending time with him and aren't in it for money."


Please share paw with any dog lovers you know!